Our Courses

Course Customisation

All courses can be broken down into separate modules. Modules can be removed (possibly reducing the course duration and cost) or can be customised (usually at no additional cost).

Where appropriate, we are happy to build your in-house standards and practices into any course that runs at your premises.

Please conact us for further information.

Our Customers

Our current customers include:

  • John Lewis
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Waitrose
  • Standard Life
  • Capita
  • Boots
  • QA Training
  • KnowledgePool
  • HP

Public Training Courses

We are able to present all courses as part of our public schedule. These are held in various locations in the UK and Ireland:

  • Public Courses are held at various locations
  • Many at London, Edinburgh and Bristol
  • Mainframe (z/OS) and non-mainframe courses available
  • Courses not currently scheduled can be requested
  • Current Public Course Schedule

On-Site Training Courses

All of our courses can be presented 'on-site' (i.e. at your premises), optionally tailored and tuned to fit your exact specifications and standards:

  • Courses can be held at the your site for class sizes from 1 to 10 delegates
  • Any course may be tailored to incorporate your standards and requirements
  • Fees are as low as £165 per student per day

Quick Course Locator

Assembler Programming Workshop
Assembler Training Ireland
Assembler Training UK
Building DB2 Stored Procedures using SQL/PL
Building DB2 Stored Procedures
C Training Courses
C# Conversion for Java Programmers
C# Fundamentals - Primer / Programming Workshop
C# Object Oriented Primer
C# OO Primer
C# Primer
C# Programming Workshop
C# Training Courses Ireland
C# Training Courses UK
C# Training Courses
CA-Easytrieve Training Courses
CICS for Applications Programmers (using VSAM and DB2)
CICS for Applications Programmers (using VSAM)
CICS Introduction for Programmers (using DB2)
CICS Introduction for Programmers
CICS Training Courses Ireland
CICS Training Courses UK
CICS Training Courses
CICS Transaction Server for Programmers
CICS Transaction Server Programming Overview
COBOL Training Courses Ireland
COBOL Training Courses UK
COBOL Training Courses
DB2 - Introduction to DB2 for zOS for Systems and Operations Personnel
DB2 - z/OS and DB2 Basics for DB2 for z/OS DBA Beginners
DB2 11 for z/OS Application Performance and Tuning
DB2 11 for z/OS Database Administration Workshop Part 2
DB2 11 for z/OS Database Administration Workshop Part 1
DB2 11 for z/OS Application Programming Workshop
DB2 11.1 Administration Workshop for Linux
DB2 11.1 Advanced Database Administration' ), DB2 11.1 Quickstart for Experienced Relational DBAs
DB2 12 for z/OS SQL Performance and Tuning
DB2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration
DB2 12 for z/OS Basic Database Administration
DB2 Advanced Programming
DB2 Application Performance and Tuning
DB2 Application Data Recovery
DB2 Coding Stored Procedures using SQL/PL
DB2 Database Administration Workshop
DB2 Database Design
DB2 Development for Applications Programmers
DB2 Family Fundamentals
DB2 11.1 HADR Workshop
DB2 Introduction
DB2 LUW Application Design, Performance and Tuning
DB2 LUW Development for Database Administrators
DB2 LUW Development for Applications Programmers
DB2 LUW SQL Performance and Tuning
DB2 LUW Training Courses
DB2 LUW for Programmers - z/OS to LUW Transition
DB2 LUW for DBAs - z/OS to LUW Conversion
DB2 LUW for LUW Version 8 Transition
DB2 Programming with XML Data
DB2 Programming with Large Objects
DB2 SQL Performance and Tuning
DB2 SQL Workshop
DB2 SQL Workshop
DB2 SQL Workshop for Experienced Users
DB2 SQL Workshop and COBOL / PL1 Programming
DB2 Stored Procedures Functions Workshop
DB2 Training Courses UK
DB2 Training Courses
DB2 Training Courses Ireland
DB2 Version 11 Transition
DB2 Version 10 Transition for Developers
DB2 Version 10 Transition
DB2 for Assembler Developers
DB2 for COBOL / PL1 Programmers
DB2 for Database Administrators
DB2 for Java Developers
DB2 for LUW Training Courses
DB2 for LUW Performance Tuning and Monitoring Workshop
DB2 for LUW SQL Workshop
DB2 for LUW for Database Administrators
DB2 for LUW: Basic Administration for Linux and Windows
DB2 for z/OS Training Courses
DB2 for z/OS Training Courses UK
DB2 for z/OS Training Courses Ireland
DB2 for z/OS Utilities for Database Administrators
DB2 for z/OS Training Courses
DB2 z/OS to LUW Transition for Developers
DB2 z/OS to LUW Transition for DBAs
Developing ISPF Applications using REXX
Developing ISPF / DB2 Applications using REXX
EE JavaBeans Workshop
Enterprise JavaBeans Workshop
File-AID for DB2
File-AID for z/OS Files
File-AID for z/OS
File-AID Training Courses (DB2)
File-AID Training Courses (z/OS)
IBM Mainframe Training Courses Ireland
IBM Mainframe Training Courses UK
IBM Mainframe Training Courses
IMS/DB for Applications Programmers
IMS/DB Introduction for Programmers
IMS/DB Overview for Programmers
IMS/DB Training Courses Ireland
IMS/DB Training Courses UK
IMS/DB Training Courses
IMS/DC for Applications Programmers
IMS/DC Training Courses Ireland
IMS/DC Training Courses UK
IMS/DC Training Courses
Introduction to DB2
Introduction to IT
Introduction to the Assembler Language
Java / EE for Experienced C++ / C# Programmers
JAVA / EE Training Courses
Java EE Server Side Programming
Java EE Servlet Programming
Java Object Oriented Programming Concepts
Java OO Primer
Java Primer / Programming Workshop
Java Primer for Legacy Programmers
Java Primer
Java Programming
Java Server Page Programming
Java Spring Framework Programming
Java Swing Programming
Java Training Courses Ireland
Java Training Courses UK
Java Training Courses
JavaServer Faces Programming
JavaServer Page Programming
Legacy Language Training Courses
Mainframe Training Courses Ireland
Mainframe Training Courses UK
Mainframe Training Courses
Object Oriented Primer - C#
Object Oriented Primer - Java
PL/1 Programming Workshop
PL/1 Training Courses Ireland
PL/1 Training Courses UK
PL/1 Training Courses
Programmer Training Courses
Programming with C
Programming with COBOL
Programming with PL/1
Programming with VSAM Files
QMF / SQL Workshop
QMF Workshop
Eclipse EE JavaBeans Workshop
Eclipse EE Server Side Programming
Eclipse Java EE Server-Side Programming
Eclipse Java Primer
Eclipse Java Programming Workshop
Eclipse Java Programming Workshop
Eclipse Struts Programming
Eclipse Training Courses
REXX Programmer Training Courses
REXX Programmer Training
REXX Training Courses
REXX/ISPF Dialog Management Training Courses
Spring Framework Programming
Spring MVC Programming
Structured Query Language
Struts 2 Java Web Development
Struts Programming
Struts 2 Programming
TSO/ISPF and JCL Training
VSAM File Management
VSAM File Manipulation
VSAM Training Courses Ireland
VSAM Training Courses UK
VSAM Training Courses
z/OS Concepts
z/OS JCL Training Courses
z/OS JCL Training
z/OS Mainframe Training Courses
z/OS Training Courses Ireland
z/OS Training Courses UK
z/OS Training Courses
z/OS Utilities
z/OS Utilities